Coconut Shell Charcoal

The increasing demand for coconut shell charcoal, due to its application in several industries has made this humble commodity an important growing industry for Indonesia. Our company has established burning sites in various parts of Indonesia for the production of coconut shell charcoal. Our products are dried, screened and inspected before export and we guarantee our charcoal to be of the highest quality.

Our guaranteed specification (Coconut Shell Charcoal):

  • Fixed Carbon > 72% (Range 72 – 78%)
  • Moisture < 12%
  • Volatile Matter < 18%
  • Ash < 4%
  • Powder < 3%

We produce our product by our team in southern part of Sulawesi Island. Our burning site produces coconut shell charcoal and gives intensive training to the many farmers within our area. We bring our product to our location (warehouse) in Surabaya and Jakarta.

We have handling various of demand. Some of demands are needs a high volatile matter and some of needs low. We can produce our product depend on client needs. So, feel free to talk with us!

Packing, Delivery, and Terms

Packaging Detail: In bags 50 Kg x 600 Bags per container 40 FCL.
Part: Whole
Delivery Detail: anytime

Payment and Shipping Terms

USD 335/MT (Natural Size) FOB Jakarta- Indonesia

Min. Order: 50 Kg x 600 Bags per container 40 FCL

packing details: PP bag is covered by PE (or by request)

Payment terms:  Payment in advance 30% + L/C or T/T